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Why Do I Need Magic Article Rewriter ?

If I were to choose just two tools for internet marketing, I would choose an article rewriter and a social bookmarking submitter. I wrote a bit more on unique content in a previous post. It is essential now more than ever. Not only can you get direct sales with a article rewriter such as Magic Article Rewriter, but you are increasing traffic and creating backlinks. If youve only tried posting a few duplicate articles to a number of article directories such as ezinearticles, you are probably missing out on a lot of sales. Check out the post on “Just One Article”.

Magic Article Rewriter 1.8 is a program created by Alexander Krulik. He is known for creating quality marketing software at reasonable prices, and MAR is no exception. One of the biggest concerns with rewriters or spinners is the quality of the finished products. To be honest some of the products out there just produce gibberish. You are lucky if you can even understand the articles it produces. This is not the case with MAR. In fact, the longer you use it, the better it works thanks to a innovation called “tokens”. Tokens are like macros and as you save your favorites, the finished product keeps getting better. MAR includes a 30000 word and phrase synonym database, and the program is regularly updated and improved.

One of the biggest strong points of this program is the clean interface and ease of use. It is one of the easiest programs to spin articles available. The interface is so intuitive, you can probably skip the manual, but of course its always good to read the manual.

In addition to all of that, MAR is one of the most affordable article rewriters. Some article spinners even charge ongoing fees. The program is just $47. period. A one time price and that includes some valuable bonuses. There is also a special deal on the product, a companion program that automates signing up at article sites, and article submission. Submit your spun articles easily to over 300 article website.

A good plan of action for article marketing would be to research good buying keywords and write an article on the subject. Create a resource box with one or two links to the offer you are trying to promote. Next use MAR to spin your article into hundreds. Submit as many articles to the top 25 directories as possible, or use an article submitter to submit to fifty or more article sites. Magic Submitter gives you over 300 sites to submit to. Once your articles are published you will want to ping them. I like for pinging. Next submit your article links to as many social bookmarking sites as possible. You could use to accomplish this. Next ping your social bookmarks as before. Then get your rss feeds and submit your articles to the major rss arpeggiators, or use a RSS tool to send to many feed sites. Also if you are looking for some add SEO effects you should combine with Local SEO they have a great service.

This program makes submitting your articles to many sites fast and easy. If the article website offers a resource box, here is where you want to place your links. Rather than tell a boring story about the author use the resource box as your call to action. Place well defined links or icons on the site so that a reader may quickly access your offer. Make it plain and simple using bold text or buy now icons.In the article itself, this of course is the most important part in terms of your sales.

Lets compare article marketing with other forms of internet marketing. First of course there is PPC like Adwords. First of all, you are paying for PPC where article marketing is free. With PPC, you only have a few words to get your readers to take action, while with article marketing you typically can use 400-800 words. It has been proven that the organic results such as a link to your article gets much more attention than the PPC ads. Blogs are considered a type of marketing but in essence, blogs are just built around articles. By creating unique content, you can use articles in both article directories and blogs. Social bookmarking is an effective way to generate traffic, but again you only have a few words to get people to click a link and most of the time, its to an article or a post.
There is no doubt that article marketing is effective. By creating unique content you can make instant sales, populate blogs, increase traffic to your website, and create great backlinks. All of this is free.

Many times newbie marketers will take the same exact article and submit it to a handful of websites. Though you can make a few sales doing this, it is not a very effective campaign. Create and article, rewrite it into many, and submit it to as many article websites as possible. One can also create link wheels or even use the articles themselves to drive traffic to your offer. Its time to rethink your article campaign.
To see Miracle Article Rewriter (That is Magic Article Rewriter) in action, or to order at this price including bonuses
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The product is 100% guaranteed and you have a full 60 days to see what it can do for you.

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Feb 12
Magic Article Rewriter Release 1.84
What is new in Magic Article Rewriter Release 1.84?

The last major release was version 1.80 which included the following changes :

. General synonyms database was extended -it additionally consist of good phrases (multi-words synonyms)
2. New function Define Synonyms added – click it to highlight multi-words synonyms
3. Navigation between words using Tab and Shift+Tab keys or buttons added – you are able very quickly move between words in your article
4. You have to use one mouse click instead of double-click to chose synonyms
5. The synonyms had been chosen are highlighted in the list
6. You are able unselect synonyms by mouse click
7. Remove tokens function improved – hold Ctrl key to remove just one word from the token
8. Clear tokens database and custom synonyms database function added
9. Improved stop words list function – you can add phrases or sentences to stop word list
10. Replace All, Add token, Use Token functionality added to Spin Sentence mode
11. spun % calculation changed to make MAR spun% comparable with other products – as result it shows more spun percent. What was %13 in old version will be e.g 25% in new one
12. Two mode of Apply Magic function – more or less accurate but high spun %
13. Templates function added – it is very useful function for creating product’s reviews etc
14. Auto cleaning of spun articles from wrong tags combination like {|, }|, ||

Magic Article Rewriter is a marketing software by Alexander Krulik. These days many people are interested in making money online. The terrible economy has forced many to begin investigating methods to make supplemental income. The internet is a desirable way to start earning income. However, one thing is for certain. Its not as easy as it used to be.

Many marketers try to make money through affiliate marketing. It is indeed a legitimate method. One need only to find people interested in a particular product or service, and steer them in the right direction. If you create a review site for example and leave a link to the product, you can be making money. The real trick is to get traffic. This need for exposure has lead many to explore software programs that can make certain tasks easier and more effective. One such program is an article rewriter or spinner. An article rewriter can increase your backlinks and improve your rankings by being able to submit to more article directories, thereby increasing your traffic and backlinks.

Recent changes in SEO have made it essential to provide unique content. In order to recieve traffic and increased rankings, you MUST provide original content. Posting the same exact article to many different article directories will do you little good. In fact it may even do you harm. For this reason a quality article rewriter is very important. This also applies to blog posts and other forms of internet expression. Now of course it is possible to create unique and relevent content by hand, but for most this is an almost impossible chore. Thats where a good article rewriter such as Magic Article Rewriter comes into play. An article rewriter or spinner, takes one article and creates many. You could actually create thousands of slightly different articles in just seconds. However its best to keep in mind that it is better to create ten good articles of content, rather than hundreds of barely readable gibberish.

Magic Article Rewriter is considered by many to be one of best article rewriters. It is a Clickbank product and as such is fully guaranteed. Clickbank is the number one store for information products. They offer thousands of products on such diverse subjects as losing weight, and how to build a chicken coup. The great thing about Clickbank is the guarantee. If the product does not do what it says, Clickbank will refund your purchase price. CB is also a very powerful website for locating internet marketing tools. At this point, if I were forced to choose just two IM products, I would probbly pick a good article rewriter and a social site backlinker.

How does Magic Article Rewriter work ? It utilizes several methods to make unique copies of your articles. The first method is in rotating synonyms. It has a library of over 30000 synonyms and growing. The interface is clean and easy to use. . Another feature it offers is the ability to rearrange sentences or phrases. By changing the order of sentences and synonyms, Magic Article Rewriter becomes a powerful tool for creating unique content. Another popular feature is called “tokens”. Tokens are like macros that make your work easier.

Some feel that Magic Article Rewriter, or any article spinner, is just a spam tool. And certainly it can be used this way. However it would be much more effective to create good content of your own right from the beginning. Many people use PLR to spin their articles, however I dont recommend it. Since quality content is the key we are looking for, what better way than to take the time to write your own seed article. PLR is widely distributed. In fact some of it has been around for ages. In other words the material is dated. How much search engine respect can one expect to get from a thirty year old PLR ? Not much.

On the other hand, if you take the time to write your own original article and the run the results through Magic Article Rewriter, your article is sure to be unique. You can now submit many articles to many different places. It is probablybetter to submit ten good articles, than 100 carbon copy articles. These articles are in fact backlinks which will improve your search engine rankings. Now you could use social bookmarking and other methods to get your links indexed.

Clickbank also makes it possible to check out statistics about the various programs. One important statistic is gravity. Gravity gives you an idea of the popularity of the products. Perhaps more importantly, the reports can tell you how many people returned the product. Im happy to report that Magic Article Rewriter has a very low refund rate. Thats a good thing to know for any product.

There are many spinners to choose from these days, but the results are all different. Some of these spinners really only produce gibberish. In order to be effective, the article or post should be very easy to read. All in all , M.A.R. spins are impressive. The words are well chosen and flow naturally to the subject. On the other hand, there is nothing quite as bad as a bad article spinner. Some of the other spinners are quite expensive. “The Best Spinner charges a monthly fee for their product. Magic Article Rewriter only charges you a reasonable one time fee. This great tool sells for under $50! It also includes many great bonuses. This is one of the reasons that the product is rarely returned for credit. It works well, and is a great value.

To recap, Magic Article Rewriter is a valuable tool for internet marketing. Recent changes have made it necessary to produce good quality information. Carbon copy articles spamming the internet is no longer effective. Magic Article Rewriter can turn your one article into hundreds. Thes articles will be backlinks and will provide visitors to your website or blog. M.A.R. is a quality product by Alexander Krulik who is well respected for his quality programs. To put the icing on the cake, the product is very inexpensive and if 100% guaranteed.

Dont you think its time for you to create quality content and see real traffic and real sales.